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With varying term-length contracts available, Bassett Lab Properties specializes in the rental market in San Francisco. Check out our extensive database of available properties. We’re here to help you find your perfect match.

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Properties for Rent

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living room furniture

20 Jump Street, New Vale

Enjoy a huge and open space in the heart of San Francisco. This newly renovated, well-lit apartment features an open-plan layout and is located close to parks, shops and restaurants. This property is available immediately.

Modern Bedroom

4 North Street, Fairview

You’ll get a real feel for life in San Francisco with this outstanding rental. This gorgeous home features custom paint, upgraded carpets, handcrafted flooring and built-in-appliances. Find out more.


3 Ender Street, Englewood

This new listing has built-in kitchen appliances, timeless Shaker cabinets, a formal dining room and master bedroom with walk-in closets. With its desirable location in the heart of San Francisco, this is sure to get snapped up quickly.

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